Study Guide

The Color Purple Letter Twenty-Seven

By Alice Walker

Letter Twenty-Seven

  • Mr.__’s daddy comes to visit and scold Mr.__ about Shug. He criticizes Shug, saying, "She’s black as tar, she nappy headed. She got legs like baseball bats."
  • Mr.__ doesn’t defend Shug, but Celie secretly spits in Mr.__’s father’s water.
  • Mr.__ finally says he loves Shug and should have married her.
  • Mr.__’s daddy tells Celie that she has his sympathy—not many women would put up with a man’s whore in her own house.
  • Celie and Mr.__ both feel inwardly defensive of Shug, and they sort of have a short instant where they silently bond over that.
  • Then Mr.__’s brother, Tobias, comes to visit. He’s big and fat and wants to see Shug. He gossips about how he heard she’s dying.
  • Shug shows in a little nightgown that Celie made for her. Both Mr.__ and Celie clamor to help her get seated.
  • Celie tries to teach Shug to sew, but Shug is miserable at it.
  • Sitting there with Shug, Celie feels all right for the first time in her life.