Study Guide

The Comedy of Errors Act IV, Scene ii

By William Shakespeare

Act IV, Scene ii

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  • At E. Antipholus’s house, the women are a mess. Luciana tells Adriana about E. Antipholus’s proclamations of love. 
  • Adriana wants every dirty detail of her husband’s trespass. Luciana admits that S. Antipholus’s words were exactly the right kind to win a girl—if a girl were to be won, of course.
  • This continues on for a while, with Adriana declaring her hatred for E. Antipholus, even as she still prays for him. 
  • S. Dromio  arrives, out of breath, and explains that Antipholus has been jailed. S. Dromio can’t explain the details exactly, but h gets the bail money from Adriana and rushes off. 
  • Adriana is left to wonder at why her husband is locked up.