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The Communist Manifesto Allusions

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Literary and Philosophical References

  • Jean Charles Léonard de Sismondi (Section 3.14). French economist.
  • Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, Philosophie de la Misère (Section3.38). French anarchist philosopher.
  • François-Noël Babeuf (Section3.44). French journalist.
  • Henri de Saint-Simon (Section3.46). French economist.
  • Charles Fourier (Section3.46). French philosopher.
  • Robert Owen (Section3.46). Welsh social reformer.

Historical References

  • Clemens Wenzel Lothar Metternich-Winneburg (Beginning.1). The architect of the Holy Alliance and then chancellor of the Austrian Empire.
  • François Pierre Guillaume Guizot (Beginning.1). Then the foreign minister of France.

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