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The Communist Manifesto Competition

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Class struggle wouldn't be class struggle without some competition. In the Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx says that engaged in buying or selling, whether we're talking about a capitalist running a business or a worker selling his or her labor, has to compete against rivals in order to make money and survive. So class struggle isn't just against other classes; it's against members of your own class, too.

Questions About Competition

  1. Describe how competition causes struggle within classes and between classes, according to Marx. Is he right? What are the advantages and disadvantages of competition, and what are the overall, system-wide effects of it?
  2. Marx argues that a capitalist has to remain competitive in order to remain profitable. Why is that the case, and can you imagine any exceptions to this rule?
  3. Marx also argues that a worker must stay competitive to survive in the workforce. Why is that the case, and can you imagine any exceptions?

Chew on This

Competition leads to better lives for people than cooperation, because competition pushes us to strive harder.

Cooperation leads to better lives for people than competition, because cooperation encourages us to take care of each other.

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