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A Confederacy of Dunces Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

  • Ignatius receives a letter from Myrna in response to his explanation of his plot for world peace through homosexual infiltration of the army. Predictably, she suggests that he is becoming gay himself; he is hugely offended.
  • He is, however, pleased that her lecture went badly and that the Kenyan man she met has apparently abandoned her.
  • Mrs. Reilly suggests that Ignatius go to a psychiatric ward. And guess what? Ignatius is displeased.
  • He dresses up in his pirate outfit. Mrs. Reilly refuses to let him go out in public like that, but he escapes to address the meeting at Dorian's.
  • The party is well underway, and no one seems very concerned about waiting for Ignatius's speech.
  • They discover Timmy downstairs shackled to a wall. Ignatius breaks a door, upsetting Dorian considerably.
  • Ignatius for his part is upset that everyone seems to want to party rather than organize politically for peace.
  • They go to the kitchen and meet Frieda, Betty, and Liz, three very aggressive lesbians who enjoy fighting all the time. (Earlier in the novel, you may recall, they attacked Officer Mancuso.)
  • Dorian explains that they rent an apartment in his house, have loads of money, and scare away any would-be burglars.
  • Ignatius gives his speech about peace, but everyone thinks it's dreary; they want Ignatius to go away.
  • Before he can, though, Frieda, Betty, and Liz decide to knock him over on the dance floor. He is horrified, and so is everyone else.
  • The girls toss Ignatius out. His movement for peace has collapsed; he doesn't know what to tell Myrna.
  • Someone in a silk suit is following him, apparently.
  • Ignatius decides to head toward the Night of Joy and see if he can find his beloved naked Boethius reader.
  • Jones tricks Ignatius into coming inside by telling him Lana Lee isn't there.
  • A B-drinker tries to get Ignatius to buy her champagne; he refuses but she charges him for it anyway.
  • Darlene's act goes horribly awry when her bird sees Ignatius's earring and goes for it.
  • Ignatius staggers out of the Night of Joy into the street, where he is almost hit by a bus, but Jones saves him.
  • Lana sees the guy in the silk suit and thinks he's an easy mark, so she shows him one of her naked pictures and makes a lewd suggestion.
  • The guy turns out to be Mancuso, who arrests Lana for possession of pornography and solicitation.
  • Frieda and Betty and Liz show up and surround Ignatius.

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