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A Confederacy of Dunces Chapter 6

By John Kennedy Toole

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Chapter 6

  • Jones is talking to a friend, Mr. Watson, and complaining about his job.
  • Mr. Watson suggests that if he's being mistreated, he should sabotage the operation.
  • For his part, Jones tells Mr. Watson that the fat guy making trouble at Levy Pants (where Watson works) is trouble, and is wanted by the police (which he actually isn't… but that's how word of mouth works).
  • The next day, Ignatius gets to work and heads right to the factory, where the workers painfully lift him up onto a table.
  • He addresses the workers. They ask him if he is wanted by the police, which he frantically denies.
  • The workers cheerfully set off for the office, mostly because they think Ignatius is funny or because they enjoy the chance for a break.
  • They leave Ignatius behind on the table. He gets down with some difficulty and follows them.
  • They fall upon Gonzalez with bloodthirsty howls, and then move out to terrorize the city. No, actually, that doesn't happen at all, despite Ignatius's best efforts.
  • They all go back to the factory, figuring that Ignatius actually is wanted by the police and also that he's kind of a jerk.
  • Meanwhile, Officer Mancuso has gotten himself stuck in the bus station bathroom stall and has to call for help.
  • And back at home Mrs. Reilly is very disappointed in Ignatius for getting himself fired.
  • He blames it all on Myrna Minkoff, though his mother very reasonably points out that she is in New York.
  • Mrs. Reilly says he's going to go looking for another job, so help her.
  • And up the social ladder to Mrs. Levy, who is being shook up on her exercise board.
  • We learn something of the tragedy of Mr. Levy, who hated his father and doesn't want to run Levy Pants, but who is tormented anyway because everything there constantly goes wrong and he has to deal with it; plus his wife constantly bothers him because he doesn't want to deal with it. It's a rough life.
  • Anyway, Mr. Levy tells his wife how he fired Ignatius for egging the workers on to attack Gonzalez. Mrs. Levy says maybe Ignatius was right because Mr. Levy is an unjust slave driver.
  • Mrs. Levy then threatens to tell their daughters that Mr. Levy is a tyrant who destroyed a young idealist unless he agrees to let Miss Trixie come to their house so Mrs. Levy can make much of her.
  • Mr. Levy sighs and agrees.

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