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Marco and Dowley in A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court

By Mark Twain

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Marco and Dowley

Marco is a charcoal burner, Dowley is a blacksmith, and they both represent the underclass—the peasantry whom Hank wants to free. They're also a pain in his butt. Dowley has money and Marco hangs out with him to be rich by association, but both of them retain the general foolishness and kowtowing to authority associated with the underclass in general. Hank shows them up by spending far more than they could ever make, and Dowley immediately feels better once he knows his place.

Of course, the tables turn once Arthur tips his hand, and Marco and Dowley lead a mob chasing Hank and Arthur out of the village, believing Arthur mad and Hank a spy. It seems you can only impress people so much.

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