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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Chapter 18

By Mark Twain

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Chapter 18

In the Queen's Dungeons

  • The Yankee bemoans the fact that he can't have the man's torturer tortured, even though the priests want him to. He muses that individual priests may be right and just, even if the Church as a whole is corrupt—you know, don't hate the player, hate the game.
  • The Yankee ultimately punishes the torturer by making him the leader of the band he's about to form.
  • Morgan is furious at the prisoner's release, but the Yankee claims that the deer was ravaging his fields—as doe-eyed plant eaters do—and that he has been pardoned in the king's name regardless.
  • The Yankee asks to see the other prisoners in her dungeon, then orders all but one of them released. The only prisoner he leaves is a nobleman who assassinated a fellow lord. Hank the Yank's beef isn't with the killing of the other lord—he's not super keen on these folks, after all—but instead leaves him there because he destroyed the only well in a poor village (and is therefore an unrepentant jerk).
  • The Yankee wishes that he could photograph the poor prisoners being released. Morgan says that she will do it for him, though she hasn't the first idea how.

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