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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Chapter 31

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Chapter 31


  • The Yankee and Arthur arrive at the village of Abblasoure in hopes of finding the murderers.
  • A group of children comes rushing out of the woods in a panic, so the pair follow their path to find a hanged boy, still kicking and struggling. They set the boy free.
  • The Yankee questions the locals about their wages, and is glad to see his new currency being used.
  • The Yankee invites the local blacksmith and several others to have dinner at the home of a well-off resident named Marco. (Well off being a relative term here, since he can't murder his neighbors with impunity like the nobles can.)
  • Marco protests, but the Yankee offers to pay for the dinner, which makes Marco quite grateful.
  • The Yankee tells Marco about his companion, Jones (actually Arthur), and warns Marco about his odd manner of speaking. He does this to help contain the damage if Arthur can't pass for a peasant.

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