Study Guide

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Chapter 4

By Mark Twain

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Chapter 4

Sir Dinadan the Humorist

  • Sir Dinadan the Humorist is the first member of the court to wake up again, and rouses everyone else by tying metal mugs to a dog's tail.
  • Dinadan then proceeds to make a supposedly humorous speech full of corny old gags. (He presumably follows it up with whoopee cushions and knock-knock jokes, but Twain mercifully cuts away.)
  • Sir Kay stands and tells how he captured the Yankee in a land of wild barbarians, defeated the Yankee's "enchanted clothes" and "thirteen knights," and brought him to court. He finishes by condemning the Yankee to death on the 21st of June. Once again, his lies fall neatly into the pants-on-fire category.
  • Merlin suggests that they strip the Yankee of his "magical clothes," and he is led off to the dungeon.

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