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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Chapter 40

By Mark Twain

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Chapter 40

Three Years Later

  • With the knights broken, Hank reveals his schools, mines, and factories in the kingdom.
  • He renews his challenge to take on any number of knights with just himself and fifty assistants.
  • Three years pass with no major challenges for Hank. Slavery ends, new inventions flood the land, and Hank even plans to send out a ship and "discover America." Nothing can possibly go wrong, right? Nothing.
  • Hank plans to overthrow the Catholic Church and establish a variety of Protestant ones to replace it, and he also intends to establish a voting democracy once Arthur dies. Clarence disagrees, feeling that a constitutional monarchy would be better.
  • In the interim, Hank has married Sandy and they have a daughter named Hello-Central. Lucky kid.
  • Sandy interrupts Hank's work with news that Hello-Central is sick, so he sends for doctors, and he and Sir Launcelot prepare medicine for her.
  • The doctors recommend rest by the sea for the girl, so they set sail for France.
  • While there, Hank devises a new diversion for the knights: baseball. He draws up teams, using Arthur and the rulers of various little kingdoms as players.

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