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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Chapter 42

By Mark Twain

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Chapter 42


  • Hank finds Clarence in the castle. Clarence says that Sir Launcelot scored a huge coup on Hank's stock-board—which all the knights participate in—and took a great deal of money from the king's nephews, Mordred and Agravaine.
  • The two boys got cranky—taking someone's money will do that to them—and in retaliation, told Arthur that Launcelot was, um, having sleepovers with Guenever. War quickly ensues.
  • A great battle took place at Launcelot's castle and many knights were killed. Launcelot then sailed to France and Arthur chased after him.
  • While he was gone, Mordred served as king… and decided he liked it too much to give up.
  • Arthur returned to reclaim his lands, and lost his army in pitched battle; he and Mordred then killed each other on the field.
  • The Church, waiting to strike, labeled Hank a traitor in a published Interdict, so he is now a wanted man, and all of his inventions and advancements are being destroyed.
  • Clarence says that he and fifty loyal men have made preparations for a siege in Merlin's cave, which holds a large electrical plant.
  • Hank issues a proclamation, claiming authority over the kingdom in the wake of Arthur's death. He lists Merlin's cave as his address, and he and Clarence head there.

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