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A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court Chapter 44

By Mark Twain

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Chapter 44

A Postscript by Clarence

  • Clarence takes up the narrative as he and Hank go outside to see if they can help the wounded.
  • Hank approaches a knight and asks if he needs assistance, but the man stabs him, so Clarence kills the knight. So much for chivalry and fair play.
  • They carry Hank back to the cave, which is now blocked by the huge numbers of dead outside.
  • Merlin sneaks into the cave disguised as a woman and puts a spell on Hank, sending him to sleep for 1300 years. He condemns the rest of them to die.
  • Unfortunately for Merlin, he's too much of a stumblebum to enjoy his one victory in the whole book—he staggers out of the cave and is killed on one of the electric wires.
  • Clarence hides Hank's sleeping body in the back of the cave and promises to leave the manuscript with him.

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