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The Other Father in Coraline

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The Other Father

Coraline's other father is more pathetic than scary. We almost feel sorry for him, actually, because he seems like he's totally under the other mother's control.

"Really I mustn't talk to you when she's not here," he said. "But don't you worry. She won't be gone often. I shall demonstrate our tender hospitality to you […]." He closed his mouth and folded his hands in his lap. (6.18)

Coraline feels bad for him, too. She already misses her real father, and seeing the other father feeling bad makes her miss her real dad even more.

Unfortunately, this lost puppy act doesn't last long. Sure enough, the other father tries to trick and trap Coraline. And it turns out, he's not really even a father at all – he starts falling apart and pretty much becomes a mutant. With button eyes, of course. Yeah, he just lost our sympathy vote.

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