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Coraline Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

  • Coraline's apartment looks normal, but the other mother is there waiting, looking furious as ever.
  • She follows Coraline into the drawing room and Coraline shows her the souls she has found.
  • The other mother reaches for her, and Coraline knows that she won't let her go.
  • As a diversion, Coraline bluffs and tells her other mother that she knows her real parents are hidden in the passageway between the two worlds.
  • She is hoping that the other mother will open the door to prove her wrong. Then she'll run through it and make a break for home.
  • Sure enough, the other mother unlocks the door and turns around to gloat when it's empty.
  • Coraline responds to this by throwing the cat at the other mother's head. Awesome!
  • Quickly, Coraline grabs the snow globe, shoves it in her pocket, and runs for it, yelling for the cat to follow her.
  • She tries to close the door behind her, but it's super heavy, and she can't get it shut.
  • Suddenly, five other ghostly people appear in the hallway with her and help her shut the door.
  • Three of the people are the children she rescued. And the other two are her parents. Yes!
  • Coraline hears her real mother's voice in her head, and it gives her enough strength to finish shutting the door.
  • Just as Coraline is closing the door, though, the other mother screams and shoves her hand right in there, blocking the door from closing completely.
  • But with their last strength, Coraline and her friends and parents finally manage shut the door all the way.
  • Coraline runs down the hallway and finally bursts out into her own apartment in the real world. Whew!
  • She's never been so relieved in her life.
  • Coraline apologizes to the cat for throwing him; he purrs at her, so it seems like he's forgiven her.
  • Our leading lady then curls up in an arm chair and goes into a very deep (and well-deserved) sleep.

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