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Coraline Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

  • The next day, it stops raining. Even though it's foggy, Coraline decides to go for a walk.
  • While she's out, she runs into Miss Forcible, who starts to tell Coraline about her days as an actress. That's all the two roommates ever talk about, really.
  • Coraline wanders on and comes across the weird old man. Speaking of weird, he tells her the mice have a message for her: "Don't go through the door" (2.31).
  • To top off the strangeness, he says the mice call her Coraline instead of Caroline, which is what he thinks her name is. (Wait, then how do the mice know her name? Strange.)
  • Coraline gets bored again and goes inside; school doesn't start until next week.
  • What should she do? Well, her mother tells her keep herself occupied; she draws and tries to talk to her dad, but he's busy working.
  • So she goes out again to visit Miss Spink and Miss Forcible. Now that's a party.
  • The women, whose full names are April Spink and Miriam Forcible, serve her tea and continue to discuss the theater and their glory days on the stage.
  • Miss Spink then offers to tell Coraline's future by reading her tea leaves. (She's kind of like Professor Trelawney in Harry Potter, right?)
  • The two women look at the tea leaves and agree that Coraline is in serious danger. Yikes.
  • Coraline is worried and asks them what she should do. Suddenly she trusts these ladies?
  • Anyway, they tell her to be careful and they give her a stone with a hole in it that's supposed to be a good luck charm.
  • Coraline goes back home and thinks that maybe danger could be exciting. Maybe.

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