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Coraline Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

  • Outside, the world is starting to lose its form: everything is all gray and swirling.
  • The other mother is waiting for Coraline, looking furious. She tells Coraline that she loves her and offers her a key to the empty apartment next door.
  • Coraline hears two of the children telling her not to go in the room; it's probably a trap.
  • Coraline agrees and goes in anyway, but the apartment is empty.
  • She notices a bad smell coming from a cellar, so she goes down to investigate.
  • There's a pile of garbage and junk in a corner. Oh, and there's a foot sticking out from under the pile.
  • Coraline looks closer and discovers that it's a blobby, disgusting, monster-like thing.
  • That thing is her other father. Yep: the other mother chucked him there because she was angry.
  • Coraline is grossed out but she also feels really sorry for him. She tells him to fight the other mother, but he says he can't.
  • Suddenly, he changes and comes after Coraline. Yikes!
  • Quick on her feet, Coraline yanks out his button eyes so he can't see her.
  • She tries to escape but he can still hear her and he continues to come after her, so she runs for her life. She manages to get out of the cellar and slam the door on her other father. She rushes out of the empty apartment and locks the door. Whew.
  • She's tired and scared and really just wants to go home, but she gathers her courage and heads to the apartment upstairs.

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