Study Guide

Corduroy Bravery/Curiosity

By Don Freeman


Suddenly he felt the floor moving under him! Quite by accident he had stepped onto an escalator—and up he went! "Could this be a mountain?" he wondered. "I think I've always wanted to climb a mountain." (8-9)

Here we see Corduroy's curiosity and bravery working together. Corduroy has never even been on an escalator and doesn't know what it is, but he's not scared. Instead, he's curious about this new experience and decides to make the best of it.

"Why, here's my button!" he cried. And he tried to pick it up. But, like all the other buttons on the mattress, it was tied down tight. He yanked and pulled with both paws until POP! (13)

Corduroy demonstrates bravery with his willingness to continue pulling on the button even though it's "tied down tight." He believes he's finally found his Holy Grail, and nothing will stop him from getting it.

Illustration on pages 10-11: Corduroy in the furniture section

This two-page spread is the largest illustration in the book. We almost don't notice tiny little Corduroy over in the bottom left corner, surrounded by huge pieces of vibrantly colored furniture. Readers might feel a little overwhelmed, but not brave Corduroy, who is amazed and excited to find himself in such a beautiful "palace."