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Corduroy Summary

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Corduroy Summary

Teddy bears are designed to be snuggled, cuddled, and loved by children, but none of the shoppers at the Big Store™ are interested in our hero, Corduroy.

One little girl declares that he's "the very bear [she's] always wanted," but her mother has officially reached the "drop" stage of "shop 'til you drop" and points out that Corduroy's overalls are missing a button. Corduroy decides to find the button after the store closes.

He climbs down off his shelf and begins to explore the store, discovering a "mountain" (escalator) and a "palace" (the furniture section of Big Store™). Mistaking the buttons on a display mattress for his own, Corduroy tries to pry one button loose and flies off the bed, knocking over a lamp. The store's night watchman hears the commotion, finds Corduroy, and brings him back to the toy department.

The next morning, the same little girl returns to the store, introduces herself to Corduroy as Lisa, and purchases him with the money she saved in her piggy bank. (Aww.)

She races home with Corduroy in her arms and brings him to her small-but-cozy room, where she's already set up a doll-sized bed for her new buddy. (Awww.)

As Lisa repairs Corduroy's missing button, he realizes that he's finally found what he's always wanted: a friend. (Awwwwwww.)

The end. How sweet is that?

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