Study Guide

Coriolanus Act 1, Scene 6

By William Shakespeare

Act 1, Scene 6

Read the full text of Coriolanus Act 1 Scene 6 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • Cut to Cominius and his troops in the battlefield.
  • Cominius is delivering a pep talk to his soldiers when a messenger arrives with news that Caius Martius was driven back to the trenches outside of Corioles. (Major problem with ancient Rome: nobody has text messaging or a Twitter account, so news travels slowly.)
  • Just then, Caius Martius shows up all bloody.
  • Martius and Cominius are very happy to see each other. As they hug it out, Caius Martius compares the warm embrace to his super steamy wedding night. (What? This is a play about ancient Rome. Violence and warfare get these guys all hot and bothered.)
  • Martius shares the good news about giving Corioles a beatdown.
  • Next, Cominius brings his military bro up to speed on the current situation in the battlefield.
  • Martius asks if he can be in charge of Cominius' troops so he can take a special-ops team onto the battlefield and personally kill Tullus Aufidius.
  • Cominius and his soldiers are cool with this. Everyone's all "Oh! Oh! Pick me, pick me, Caius Martius!" as they throw him up in the air and cheer him on.