Study Guide

Coriolanus Act 3, Scene 3

By William Shakespeare

Act 3, Scene 3

Read the full text of Coriolanus Act 3 Scene 3 with a side-by-side translation HERE.

  • Coriolanus shows up at the marketplace ready to deliver the big apology. The plebeians, along with Sicinius and Brutus, are waiting for him.
  • First, Menenius reminds everyone that Coriolanus is a big war hero with the scars to prove it.
  • The tribunes decide it's time to pounce and waste no time provoking Coriolanus.
  • Sicinius officially accuses him of acting like a big old tyrant and a traitor, which—big shock—sends Coriolanus into yet another rage.
  • Coriolanus proceeds to insult the tribunes and plebeians, daring them to punish him with exile, death, or torture.
  • Meanwhile, his senator buddies can only stand by and watch this train wreck unfold.
  • Finally, the tribunes declare that Coriolanus is banned from Rome 4EVA.
  • Coriolanus is all "Oh yeah? I don't think so. You're not banishing me. I'm banishing you!" (Um, okay.)