Study Guide

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 104

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 104

Danglars Signature

  • Monte Cristo goes to Danglars's house, where Danglars is writing five checks for one million francs each.
  • The checks are meant to go to the hospital, but the Count asks Danglars for the checks for himself (remember the Count has an unlimited credit account with Danglars).
  • Danglars gives the Count the checks totaling five million francs. He doesn't admit that he is broke and can't be giving loans anymore.
  • As the Count leaves, the head of the hospital (the Commissioner of Hospitals) arrives looking for his money.
  • Danglars tells him he just gave it to a dude who will return the money soon. He tells the Commissioner of Hospitals that he will have his five million francs first thing tomorrow.
  • But, really, Danglars plans to leave town that night. He has so much debt, there's no way he can pay it all off.

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