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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 105

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Chapter 105

The Cemetery of Père–la-Chaise

  • Valentine's funeral.
  • The Count is watching Maximilian like a hawk.
  • He follows Maximilian back to his sister Julie's house. There Max tells Julie and her husband, Emmanuel, that he's going to kill himself.
  • The Count swoops in and reveals himself to Max. He tells Max that he is really Edmond Dantès and that he responsible for saving Max's dad and family from ruin those many years before.
  • Max is amazed and shocked. He calls out for Julie and Emmanuel and begins to tell them who the Count really is.
  • But the Count stops Max before Max is able to reveal the great secret of all – that the Count is really Edmond Dantès.
  • When the Count and Max are alone again, the Count asks Max to stay alive and to hang out with him all of the time for one month. He tells Max that if he is not blissfully happy at the end of that month, he will help Max kill himself.

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