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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 106

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 106

The Division

  • When she discovers that her husband has left town, Mrs. Danglars goes to a hotel where her lover, Lucien Debray, is hanging out.
  • She tells him that her husband is completely bankrupt and has left town. She is completely lost and is in big trouble.
  • Debray is very cool and distant with Mrs. Danglars. He gives her half of the money they have earned playing the stock market with Mr. Danglars's stocks. But then Debray makes it very clear that he doesn't want anything to do with Mrs. Danglars now that she's broke.
  • In another room in that same hotel, Mercédès and Albert discuss their plan. Albert tells his mom that he's enlisting in the army, and he gives her the money he received from the army upon enlisting. He tells her to use this money to help her travel to Marseilles where she will find the remaining treasure that Edmond Dantès has left for her.
  • Debray runs into Mercédès and is shocked by the difference between the way she handles her hardship versus the way the greedy Mrs. Danglars handles hers.
  • The Count watches Albert say goodbye to his mother and escort her onto a carriage which will take her to Marseilles.
  • The Count swears silently to make sure both Albert and Mercédès, who are such good people, are happy.

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