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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 111

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Chapter 111


  • After a hard day at court, Villefort heads home.
  • He begins to wonder whether he was too harsh with his wife when he ordered her to kill herself or else. After all, he's not the most innocent dude on the planet. He decides to let her live and leave the country with her. They will start over.
  • However, when he gets home, he realizes he's too late.
  • Mrs. Villefort has killed herself and her son, Edward.
  • Villefort goes to his father for help and comfort, and Abbé Busoni is there with Noirtier.
  • Abbé Busoni reveals himself to be Edmond Dantès.
  • Villefort goes crazy. He grabs Dantès and drags him to the scene where his wife and her son's bodies lie. He asks Dantès if his revenge plot has worked out in the way he hoped – is it happy with the way things have turned out?
  • Dantès looks at the dead boy and is shaken. He tries to bring Edward back to life with an elixir, but it's too late.
  • Dantès begins to wonder whether his plans for justice have been destructive.
  • Villefort goes crazy. Literally, this time.
  • The Count tells Max later on that they will leave Paris tomorrow.

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