Study Guide

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 113

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 113

The House in the Allées de Meillan

  • Max and the Count go to Marseilles.
  • There, they watch Albert board a ship that will take him to his post in Africa.
  • Max pays his respects at his father's grave.
  • The Count visits Mercédès, who is living in the old Dantès home, and he tells her he will everything he can to help Albert.
  • She tells the Count she must deserve this empty life she now lives, that it must be what God intends for her.
  • But the Count tells her she has free will.
  • The Count meets Max at the cemetery, and he tells him to stay in Marseilles for a few days – the Count is going to Italy for a little bit on business.

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