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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 25

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Chapter 25

The Unknown

  • Edmond leaves the treasure where it is, pocketing only a few precious jewels.
  • The sailors return a week later to pick Edmond up, and they sail back to Leghorn.
  • Edmond sells some diamonds and buys a ship for Jacopo to thank him for having his back all the time.
  • Edmond asks Jacopo to sail to Marseilles and look for a man named Louis Dantès and a lady named Mercédès.
  • Meanwhile, Edmond buys his own sweet ship with a secret room perfect for, oh, say, a BURIED TREASURE. Edmond packs up his loot and is a happy camper.
  • That is, until Jacopo returns with news that Louis Dantès is dead as a doornail, and the lady Mercédès is gone (not a trace of her in sight). Ruh-roh.

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