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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 26

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Chapter 26

The Pont du Gard Inn

  • Now it gets really interesting, folks. Edmond pretends to be an Italian priest named Abbé Busoni.
  • He's back in Marseilles, and he's got revenge on the brain.
  • Remember Caderousse? Edmond visits Caderousse's inn disguised as the Italian priest, and he pretends he's the executor (or dude-in-charge-of) Edmond Dantès's will.
  • Caderousse and his wife are really poor. Times are hard.
  • Edmond-disguised-as-Abbé-Busoni fibs to everyone that Edmond Dantès has died in prison, but that he has left a single diamond to be split between the people that he loved most: his padre, his girlfriend Mercédès, Caderousse, Danglers (whaa?), and Fernand (double whaaa?).

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