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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 31

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Chapter 31

Italy: Sinbad the Sailor

  • Ten years have passed, folks, and we meet yet another character. A French dude named Franz d'Epinay (he's a Baron) is hunting goats on the island of Monte Cristo. Really? Yes, but stick with us.
  • Franz discovers a gang of suspicious looking dudes on the island, and he thinks they are smugglers or pirates. Who would live on an island like this?
  • It just so happens that these suspicious looking dudes work for "Sinbad the Sailor," who we readers know to be Edmond Dantès.
  • Sinbad lives in a really cool palace-like house on the island, among the rocks and the caves. MTV Cribs would be all over his place – he has decked it out with the most beautiful and luxurious furniture and objects from around the world. AND the food at his palace is mouth-wateringly, makes-you-wanna-weep delicious.
  • Sinbad tells Franz that he travels all over the world doing good things for people. He's kind of like Robin Hood. He sets prisoners free and stuff.
  • He tells Franz about a particular instance in which he saved the life of a Nubian slave named Ali who had been sentenced to death for getting too near the king's harem. Ali now works for Sinbad. But he can't speak because he has no tongue.
  • And the drugs. Sinbad's all about drugs, and he's a big fan of the hallucinations drugs give him. He and Franz do lots of drugs, causing Franz to fall into a kind of dream-world trance.

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