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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 35

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 35

La Mazzolata

  • OK, now we're back in real-time Rome, and Franz is having a little touristy jaunt to the Colosseum. Suddenly, he is intrigued by a conversation between two men – one of the men he recognizes as his host on the island of Monte Cristo (you know, the one who gave him good food and good drugs?), and the other man's name he learns is Luigi Vampa (gasp).
  • With masterful eavesdropping skills, Franz learns from their conversation that an innocent shepherd named Peppino has been sentenced to get his head chopped off in front of the whole world. Peppino is accused of having helped bandits, but, really, he just gave them some food. Franz's host (a.k.a. our very own Edmond) promises to buy Peppino's freedom. Luigi practically does back flips upon hearing this.
  • The next day, Franz and Albert (call them Thelma and Louise) go to the opera, and, there, they see Franz's host (a.k.a. our very own Edmond, a.k.a. "the count of Monte Cristo") with a gorgeous lady on his arm. The lady's name is Haydée and she has a face that could launch a thousand ships.
  • The next day, Franz and Albert discover that the Count of Monte Cristo has lent them his coach for the day so that they can live it up at the carnival.
  • Overjoyed, the two pay a visit to the Count to thank him, and Franz realizes that the Count is the very same man who he encountered on the island.

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