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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 5

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 5

The Betrothal

  • Wedding time! We're back at the same inn where Danglars and Fernand hatched their plan, though this time things are going down in a big banquet room upstairs.
  • A big crowd of Edmond's friends is there, including a bunch of sailors from the Pharaon, Danglars, Caderousse, and even M. Morrel.
  • When everyone arrives, Danglars and Caderousse are sent out to find Edmond, Mercédès, and Edmond's father. They're all looking great. A particularly grumpy looking Fernand is also there, accompanying Mercédès. He's looking significantly less great.
  • Edmond is so overwhelmed by the awesomeness of the day that he can't help but think he's a little too lucky. Everyone tells him to stop worrying.
  • Now, Edmond lets everyone in on a little secret: he and Mercédès are getting married in half an hour thanks to a little monetary help from M. Morrel (a marriage license ain't free, after all). Everyone gasps, but Danglars and Fernand are totally shocked.
  • Danglars can't believe it's all been arranged…but it has, and Edmond and Mercédès quickly set off for the Town Hall; Edmond has no time to lose, as he's supposed to leave for Paris the next day.
  • Just as the happy couple are saying their goodbyes, the cops come through the door; they've got a warrant for Edmond's arrest.
  • Everyone is shocked, again.
  • Edmond asks why he's being taken in, but the cops don't even know.
  • When the elder Dantès begs and pleads with the police commissioner, he's told it's probably not even that big a deal.
  • Meanwhile, Caderousse realizes that this might have something to do with Fernand and Danglars's "joke." Danglars tells him to shut up.
  • Edmond stays calm and tells everyone he'll be all right. The cops take him down to a carriage and they head toward Marseille. Edmond can hear Mercédès call his name as he rides off, and he gives her a last goodbye.
  • Caderousse suspects that Fernand is responsible for the scene, and he tells Danglars as much. Danglars tells him to shut up again.
  • Danglars himself tells everyone that he's probably just been taken in because of some smuggled goods.
  • Morrel, who had accompanied Edmond down into Marseille, comes back with some bad news. Edmond, he tells the group, has been accused of being a Bonapartist.
  • Now Caderousse is really suspicious; Danglars threatens him once again, and Caderousse finally decides that it's in his best interests to keep his mouth shut.
  • After the party disperses, Morrel has a brief discussion with Danglars. Danglars assures Morrel that he told no one about Edmond's visit to Elba; he also assures him that he can and will take command of the ship when the time comes.
  • After Morrel takes his leave, Caderousse and Danglars are once again left alone. Danglars reassures Caderousse that they are not responsible for what's happened; if anything, Fernand is guilty, and that they needn't worry about being implicated. As far as he's concerned, everything is going according to plan.

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