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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 62

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Chapter 62


  • Party time, excellent.
  • It's Saturday night, and the feeling's right.
  • The Count has decked out his crib like you wouldn't believe. Everything has been decorated and polished and embellished and lit (except the garden and one bedroom).
  • The two dudes pretending to be Bartolomeo Cavalcanti and Andrea Cavalcanti are there looking spectacular.
  • Gradually, the guests arrive: Max, the Danglars family, Lucien Debray, the Villeforts.
  • Mr. Danglars is really intrigued by Bartolomeo, who is also pretending to be a prince. Danglars becomes even more intrigued when the Count tells him Andrea is looking for a wife.
  • Remember the Count's servant Bertuccio? Well, he's watching the party from the wings, as it were, and he gets the shock of a lifetime as he observes the guests.
  • Bear with us; some big secrets are about unravel.
  • Bertuccio recognizes Mrs. Danglars as the lady who was once the mistress that Villefort visited in Auteuil so many years before (remember Villefort tried to bury a baby once when he was at his mistress's house?).
  • Bertuccio thought he had stabbed Villefort to death those many years before, so he's surprised to see that Villefort is alive and kicking. The Count tells Bertuccio that Villefort wasn't killed by the stabbing.
  • Then Bertuccio really freaks out when he realizes the dude playing the part of Andrew Bertuccio is actually the orphan Benedetto who Bertuccio rescued from being buried alive and who Bertuccio raised as his own.

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