Study Guide

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 63

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 63

The Dinner

  • The party is really rolling at this point. They've had a delicious feast.
  • The Count decides to show everybody the one room that he's left undecorated.
  • He tells them that he has an eerie suspicion that a great crime had been committed in this very room.
  • The Count goes on to describe the crime he feels has been committed in this room – he tells his guests he believes a baby was once smothered to death and then buried in the garden.
  • The Count leads his guests to the garden and shows them the place where he claims he came upon the bones of a very small child.
  • Then, he leads his guests back into party mode and offers everyone some coffee.
  • Villefort and Mrs. Danglars are rattled, and Villefort tells her to visit him at his office the next day.

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