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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 82

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Chapter 82

The Burglary

  • A little bird tells the Count that his Paris home is going to be robbed. The Count has the home completely emptied, and he and his trusty servant, Ali, lie in wait for the robbers there.
  • A man breaks in through the bedroom window and immediately starts rummaging through a desk.
  • Another man keeps watch outside.
  • Recognizing the man to be Caderousse, the Count (ever ready to jump into a disguise) transforms into the Abbé Busoni and presents himself to Caderousse.
  • Caderousse is thoroughly freaked out.
  • Abbé Busoni demands that Caderousse explain how he got out of jail. He tells him that he and Benedetto were jail buddies. Then, a man named Lord Wilmore sent Benedetto a file, and the two men used the file to break their shackles and manacles, and they escaped. Caderousse tells Abbé Busoni that now he mooches off of Benedetto new life and new job earnings.
  • Abbé Busoni pretends to be shocked by the news that Benedetto, a convict, is pretending to Andrea Cavalcanti and will be marrying Eugénie Danglars. He declares that he will make Andrea Cavalcanti's real identity known immediately.
  • Caderousse doesn't like this idea, and, instead, he tries to stab the Abbé Busoni.
  • But the Abbé Busoni has come prepared with a bulletproof (or knife-proof) vest.
  • Abbé Busoni makes Caderousse write a letter to the Danglars telling them who Andrea Cavalcanti really is.
  • Then Abbé Busoni lets Caderousse go freely, knowing that the man outside (Benedetto) will kill Caderousse.

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