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The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 87

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Chapter 87

The Challenge

  • Albert is a total mess upon hearing the news of his father's trial.
  • He wants to track down the man who stirred up all of this controversy in the first place. Albert wants to find out who brought the documents from Yanina.
  • Beauchamp says, "whoa, cool it, dude." But then he realizes that his friend won't be calmed down or stopped from trying to find the man who betrayed his father. So, Beauchamp pledges to help Albert.
  • Beauchamp tells Albert that Danglars had been doing some investigation in Yanina lately, and this sends Albert into a hissy fit.
  • Albert goes straight to Danglars's house and challenges Mr. Danglars and Andrea Cavalcanti to a duel.
  • But Mr. Danglars says something like, "whoa, whoa, whoa – not so fast. It was the Count of Monte Cristo who put me up to it."
  • Albert then realizes that the Count must have known all along that his dad, Fernand, was behind the Ali Pasha affair, because the Count has known Haydée's past all along.
  • Albert decides that he must duel the Count.

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