Study Guide

The Count of Monte Cristo Chapter 95

By Alexandre Dumas

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Chapter 95

The Father and Daughter

  • Back at Danglars's house, Eugénie confronts her dad once and for all. She tells him she doesn't want to marry Andrea Cavalcanti.
  • Mr. Danglars tells her that he needs Cavalcanti's three million francs to back him so that he can restore his reputation and his line of credit. Mr. Danglars wants to borrow money to start investing in railroads in America.
  • Eugénie agrees then to sign the marriage contract, but she tells her dad not to use an ounce of Andrea's money. She seems to have a secret or some reason for telling her dad this, but Mr. Danglars is just so happy – she's finally agreed to get hitched and he's on his way to make more money – that he doesn't listen to her.

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