Study Guide

Crank Chapters 101-110

By Ellen Hopkins

Chapters 101-110

Chapter 101: A Couple of Toots

  • While high, Kristina thinks about how she doesn't care who knows that she's on drugs. Okay, that's not exactly true—she doesn't want her dad in on this, and she's also pretty sure the neighbors are looking out for suspicious activity since the Lince-ident.
  • About that. Kristina continues to wonder if Lince really did fall or if she actually jumped or was trying to fly.

Chapter 102: But Right Then

  • Kristina begs Adam to hold her and kiss her, and makes him promise to write and call. He says he will.
  • He also says he wants to give her something to remember him by, so she'll always be a part of him. What? This sounds like it's about to go bad really fast.
  • It does. He gives her a tattoo of a heart on her thigh. In our experience, homemade tattoos have never gone well…

Chapter 103: It Throbbed the Next Day

  • On the plane, all Kristina can think about is the raw, throbbing pain coming from her tattoo. That can't be a good sign.
  • She's also starving since her dad got high when he got home and deprived her of their dinner date. She thinks about how she and Adam are now separated, and how while Kristina wants to come down from her high, Bree wants to stay that way.

Chapter 104: I Still Wasn't Down When We Landed

  • Kristina watches the landscape of Nevada unfold as the plane lands, thinking about how she might be home, but Bree has never been here before.

Chapter 105: Tightened Airport Security

  • After her flight lands, Kristina walks through the airport, seeing the advertisements for Lake Tahoe and Vegas shows with Bree's new eyes. She feels herself come down from her high just in time to meet her family.

Chapter 106: I Saw Them

  • Kristina sees her family before they see her. They've all turned out to meet her at the airport, including Leigh, who's home from college. 
  • She thinks that her mom actually seems prettier than she remembered, and wonders if she'll ever be that beautiful. 
  • Her mom finally looks in her direction and smiles.

Chapter 107: Then She Caught Sight

  • For a brief moment, Mom looks unnerved, like there's something different about Kristina, and her smile fades.

Chapter 108: Homecomings Are Strange

  • Kristina's family floods her with questions that they don't give her time to answer. Instead they all just end up talking about themselves, then forgetting all about her after they get in the car for the drive home.

Chapter 109: My Mom Says "I Love You" with Food

  • The family goes out to dinner at a buffet restaurant. Everyone eats a ton, except for Kristina who eats only one plate of food.

Chapter 110: Home Sweet Home

  • When they arrive home, Kristina sees her family's house through both her own eyes and Bree's simultaneously. She wants to somehow find who she was before the trip and return to her normal life, but also knows that it will be impossible to cast Bree aside.

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