Study Guide

Crank Chapters 111-120

By Ellen Hopkins

Chapters 111-120

Chapter 111: Despite All Trepidation

  • At home, Kristina fights against the lingering effects of the drugs as her family helps her carry her things to her room. It's not exactly a successful venture, as her brother drops one of her suitcases and spills it and Leigh's fingers keep pinching hers.
  • She's stunned by how clean Scott is after living in her dad's filth. Her mother tells her she's lost weight and looks fantastic, but Kristina can tell she's actually wondering if she's starving herself.

Chapter 112: Regardless

  • In her bedroom, Kristina looks at her comfortable bed and inviting decorations, seeming to realize she's missed it.

Chapter 113: I Slithered Down the Hall

  • Kristina goes to the bathroom to take a much-needed shower. She scrubs off her sweat and body odor, studying her tattoo, which is looking pretty nasty. It has green pus on it, which can't be a good sign.

Chapter 114: The Door Opened

  • Discovering that your summer fling's do-it-yourself tattoo is infected stinks, but your big sister walking in on you naked just adds insult to injury.
  • Now she has to explain the tattoo to Leigh, who's pretty concerned about the infection. 
  • She tells Leigh everything, leaving out the part about the drug use, and Leigh remarks that she hopes the tattoo is the only infection he gave Bree. She agrees not to tell anyone, though.

Chapter 115: Brain Lag

  • Leigh does a little home-based nursing and cleans the tattoo, but Kristina doubts she's wiped out any significant part of the infection. She sleeps naked that night and lets herself slip into a dream world where she finds Adam.
  • She wonders if people in comas—like Lince—can still feel emotion.

Chapter 116: Silence

  • Kristina wakes up to find that she's the only person in the house. After everything she's been through, she's relieved to be alone.

Chapter 117: On the Nightstand

  • Kristina finds a bottle of partially used antibiotics from Leigh, as well as a note from her mom saying her dad called to see if she was okay and a note from Jake saying that Adam called for Bree. The note asks who Bree is. Kristina is wondering that herself.

Chapter 118: I Went Straight for the Phone

  • Meaning to call Adam, Kristina dials a wrong number and asks for the man of her dreams. The guy on the other end says something dirty and she hangs up.
  • When she correctly dials Adam's number, she gets his mom on the line. He's at the hospital—Lince has opened her eyes.
  • Kristina's reaction is complex: She feels relieved, but Bree feels anger and wants to get high. 
  • She thinks about the only time she talked to Adam's mom. She told Kristina that Adam's dad was a drug addict who abused her and then abandoned the family. Adam's older brother was a drug user as well and died of an overdose.
  • His mother told her that Adam was all she had left and that she prays he makes better decisions than his dad and brother. Kristina thinks that maybe she should pray as well.

Chapter 119: Changed

  • Her thoughts of praying are brief, though, because she can't understand why God would be interested in her. Still, she prays for safety for herself anyway.

Chapter 120: The Phone, Still in My Hand, Rang

  • The phone rings in Kristina's hand. While she thinks for a moment that it might be Adam, it's actually Sarah, her best friend since the fourth grade.
  • The thing about Sarah is that she won't shut up. She launches into a barrage of questions that she—much like Kristina's family—won't let her answer. While Kristina loves to listen to her talkative friend, Bree just wants to yell at her. 
  • Kristina thinks about how she can't tell her best friend anything about what's happened to her. It would be too dangerous and she doesn't know how she would react. She tells Sarah she'll call her later.

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