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Crank Chapters 131-140

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Chapters 131-140

Chapter 131: Mom Knocked on the Door

  • Then something really bizarre happens: Mom knocks on Kristina's door and asks for permission to come in. Usually she just barges in whenever she wants, which is what makes this kind of odd.
  • Mom notices Kristina's puffy, tear-stained face and says she thinks they have a lot to talk about—after all, they haven't had time to discuss her trip since Kristina came home.
  • She says that even though it's not always easy to talk to moms, she loves Kristina and is there for her. 
  • Part of Kristina wants to share everything with her, but she knows that she'll get a lecture and that's the last thing she needs.
  • Mom says she's making lasagna and garlic bread—Kristina's favorite meal. Kristina, however, is only thinking about how she's in desperate need of the monster.

Chapter 132: Over Lasagna and Garlic Bread

  • At dinner, Kristina wills herself to give her family some details about the trip. She keeps it superficial—the lack of food on the plane, Albert the Lonely Seatmate, the shady neighborhood—all without discussing her transgressions.
  • Most of all, she brings up Adam, leaving out all of the gory details Mom doesn't need to know. She's thankful that she's mad at him because otherwise she would probably be gushing about his sexy body and freak everyone out.
  • As an explanation for her breakdown that afternoon, she also shares that they've decided to see other people. She's taken a step in talking to her parents—but we all know she's barely scratched the surface.

Chapter 133: Leigh Knew

  • Of course, Leigh is aware there are multiple levels to the story that Kristina isn't telling. Kristina, however, trusts her completely, as Leigh has told her plenty of secrets that she's kept locked in the vault.
  • Specifically, though, Kristina has never mentioned getting her period when she was about to have sex, Lince's accident, and her drug use. These things are exclusively hers.

Chapter 134: Later

  • That night, Leigh climbs into bed with Kristina and asks if she wants to talk. Usually Kristina's happy to cuddle with her sister, but not right now.
  • Leigh says she'll tell Kristina about her girlfriend, Heather, if she'll tell Leigh about Adam. Heather is a cheerleader and, according to Leigh, is about as close to perfect as you can get.
  • The fact that she's a cheerleader makes Kristina laugh for some reason—mainly because she didn't know cheerleaders could be lesbians. Leigh says that not only can they like girls, but that cheerleaders are her type.
  • This gets Kristina thinking: If squeaky clean, peppy cheerleaders can be lesbians, perhaps they do other things, too.

Chapter 135: I Tucked That Away

  • Kristina tries to put this realization out of her mind and instead listens to Leigh gush about being in love with another girl, how she met Heather, how much they've connected, and all that gooey jazz. 
  • While she loves her sister and has accepted her sexuality, Kristina finds it hard to listen to her talk about their relationship. Maybe because Kristina's has just been snatched away and she feels unbearably lonely…

Chapter 136: Wild Waters Day Dawned

  • The big day is finally here: It's time for Scott's company's annual Wild Waters Picnic Extravaganza. Kristina's about as stoked as she can get, considering that she has a partially infected tattoo. She's decided to cover it up with hot pink gauze.
  • In addition, Kristina decides to take a shot at normalcy by inviting Talkative Sarah to join everyone—she hopes she doesn't regret it.
  • At the park, she and Sarah run into their friend Trent from school. Trent is an outcast because on his sixteenth birthday, he came out as being gay; ever since, he's been the victim of hate crimes and bullying. Kristina, though, is cool with it, since having a gay sister has made her more open-minded.
  • Kristina chills at the water park with Sarah and Trent, trying to look cool and trying to be herself.

Chapter 137: Mom and Scott

  • Kristina is abruptly left alone when Mom and Scott go to socialize with his co-workers, Leigh and Jake race each other to the top of the highest waterslide, Trent goes to the wave pool, and Sarah goes to the locker room to shower.
  • In their absence, Kristina hops an inner tube on the lazy river so she can get a closer look at the cute lifeguard. As she looks at him, she can feel Bree rearing her ugly head. 
  • She realizes that Bree isn't just some personality she's concocted—Bree is who she really is. We're a little skeptical, though, since anytime Bree shows up, things don't seem to go well.

Chapter 138: Whether That's Good or Bad

  • In regards to Bree being the essence of Kristina's personality, Kristina's not sure whether that's a positive thing or not—all she knows is that she's able to do things she's not able to when Bree isn't in charge.
  • Basically, it works like this: Kristina has been able to be in control of her life without the presence of crank. Still, she can feel Bree watching and waiting for the moment to emerge.

Chapter 139: Rather Than Face

  • With the world's worst timing, Sarah and Trent walk over just in time to see Kristina staring at the hot lifeguard. She tells them she'll meet them at the waterslides—and they can tell exactly why.
  • Kristina allows Bree to take over. With her newfound confidence, she walks up to the lifeguard and asks if he gets a lunch break.

Chapter 140: Before Bree

  • Until Bree entered her life, Kristina wouldn't dare walk up to a hot guy and talk to him. As she talks to the lifeguard, though, she can feel girls staring at her and whispering, and she likes it.
  • The lifeguard's name is Brendan. She gets his number.

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