Study Guide

Crank Chapters 141-150

By Ellen Hopkins

Chapters 141-150

Chapter 141: As If That Weren't Enough

  • After scoring Hot Lifeguard Brendan's number, Kristina goes looking for her friends—but along the way, she runs into none other than Chase Wagner, her school's notorious bad boy.
  • Chase isn't exactly hot in the traditional sense of the word—he's pale-skinned with freckles—but his blue eyes grab Kristina's interest in a way they never have before.
  • She walks up to him and says hi. Chase says she looks familiar, but he's not sure if he knows her or not. Kristina tells him to call her Bree.

Chapter 142: Right Then, Three People

  • In a moment of the Worst Timing Ever, three people shout, "Kristina!" at the same time. Kristina tries to play it cool and imagine they aren't referring to her. She says she'll see Chase later.
  • She hurries off to join Sarah and Trent on the waterslides. She thinks about how she should be able to tell them how different she feels, how much confidence she's gained—but she decides not to since she imagines they would feel rejected and push her aside.

Chapter 143: Still, When Brendan Came By

  • Brendan (the hot lifeguard) makes an appearance, and Kristina immediately ditches her friends to go talk to him. She bums a cigarette from him and he asks her if she's related to the people at the party.
  • He also notes that Leigh is pretty, but the others don't look like Kristina at all. In perfect Bree fashion, she informs him that Leigh is a lesbian, but that she prefers what she calls "male hardware." Whoa. Where did that come from?
  • Brendan says he likes what he can see of Kristina/Bree and makes a move to touch her hair. Just then, though, his boss calls him back to work; he tells her to call him and asks for her name.
  • Wait a minute… Did Kristina just pick up two guys in one day? She thinks for a moment about telling him the truth, but instead gives him Bree's name.

Chapter 144: I Went Home

  • Back home, Kristina seems to have had quite a day. She stuffed her face with barbeque, smoked a cigarette with Brendan, and drank stolen alcohol with Chase. 
  • It hasn't all been good, though (if you can call her behavior "good"). Leigh gave her a serious lecture, and stuff hit the proverbial fan when her mom noticed the tattoo.
  • Still, Bree tells her that regardless of what lies ahead, the day has been pretty much perfect. Only a shot of the monster could have made it better.

Chapter 145: Grounded UFN

  • Kristina is grounded until further notice—no phone calls, no hanging out with friends, no driver's training, and she has to pull weeds for the rest of the summer. 
  • Obviously Kristina thinks this is totally unfair. She feels like her mom gets mad whenever she fails to live up to her mom's image of her as a perfect, straight-A student. 
  • She even tells Kristina she wishes she could be more like Leigh. This is confusing to Kristina. Does she want her to go for a PhD like Leigh is? Or does she want her to be gay? 
  • Either way, Kristina's pretty mad and seems to fail to see how bad the decisions she's made really are.

Chapter 146: The Problem with Being Grounded

  • There are obviously lots of problems with being grounded, but the worst for Kristina is probably that she has too much time to think. She spends most of her time plotting how to get even and make up for lost time.
  • Mostly she thinks about how she'd rather be spending this time camping with her old friends—or better yet, partying with her new ones.

Chapter 147: She Cut Me Loose

  • Two weeks before school starts, Kristina's mom un-grounds her and sends her to the mall with her credit card to buy school clothes. 
  • Kristina's usually not a big fan of trying on clothes, but she's been grounded for over a month and decides she's going to enjoy herself; she plans to make her shopping an all day adventure.
  • She makes a stop at Victoria's Secret, where she runs into the Reno High cheerleaders. Again she begins thinking about what exactly could be making those girls so peppy. She has a few ideas…
  • She says hi to Trent's sister, Robyn, then watches them from a distance to confirm her suspicions. The short version: They have to be using drugs.

Chapter 148: I Pondered That

  • Kristina picks out underwear for herself and is at the checkout counter when someone taps her on the shoulder and asks to see her panties. It's Chase.
 She stumbles out a lame comeback line and he asks where she's been and if she's been avoiding him. Kristina explains about the tattoo and being grounded. 
  • Chase invites Kristina to take a ride in his truck. No sex—just a ride. This sounds a little too familiar. She is about to say no when Chase mentions he has the monster.

Chapter 149: Did It Show?

  • Excited at the prospect of being reunited with the monster, Kristina wonders if Chase can see just how pumped she actually is. She finds it amazing that after such a brief exposure to it and being away from it for over a month, it still has her in its grip.

Chapter 150: We Drove Down by the River

  • Chase drives Kristina down by the river. On the way, she learns that in spite of his bad-boy persona, Chase is actually really smart—he quotes poetry and knows a lot of really awesome big words.
  • By the river, Chase takes out a bottle with a spoon attached to it and notices that Kristina's shaking. He tells her they don't have to do this if she doesn't want to; he doesn't know that her desire for crank is literally making her tremble.
  • He tells her to take it easy with the drug and that it can bring even the best people down.

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