Study Guide

Crank Chapters 151-160

By Ellen Hopkins

Chapters 151-160

Chapter 151: One Spoon

  • Kristina goes for four spoons of the stuff and launches into a manic conversation with Chase about school, relationships, family, aspirations, and a massive amount of other topics.

Chapter 152: I Had to Explain

  • Kristina is on the brink of explaining about Bree, but Chase interrupts by asking to kiss her. She lets him and is drawn to the fact that he asked her permission rather than just doing it.
  • She asks him to do it again and they make out in his truck.

Chapter 153: In That Quite Hot Moment

  • There's nothing like having the park ranger show up and peek in your truck to kill your buzz. Kristina says she has to get back to the mall so her mom doesn't get suspicious about how little money she spent.
  • Chase asks if he can see her again. She says any time, but thinks about how just a few months ago, she would have told him to forget it. Still, she says she really likes him. Then he asks her a tough question, though: Does he like her or does he like Bree? She tells him it doesn't matter.

Chapter 154: Chase Wanted to Walk Around the Mall

  • Chase tries to invite himself on her shopping spree, but Kristina tells him she won't get any shopping done if he comes. 
  • She then learns a valuable lesson: Shopping on drugs is a really bad idea. She can't find her way around even the most familiar of stores and tries on a massive amount of clothes. She even buys a few things she already has.
  • Having had all the clothes shopping she can stand, Kristina decides to accessorize.

Chapter 155: A Second Word of Advice

  • Shopping for jewelry on crank ends up being just as bad; nothing looks good at all.
  • But things get a little more interesting when someone taps her on the shoulder: Brendan the Hot Lifeguard.

Chapter 156: Two Guys in One Day?

  • Running into both of her conquests in one day is almost too much for Kristina to take, but Bree is totally game—she explains to Brendan about being grounded.
  • Unlike Chase, Brendan looks like the kind of guy you can bring home to Mom and Dad, so she lets him walk her out to the curb to meet her mother.
  • Brendan remarks that her mom is hot, which makes Kristina understandably angry. Luckily, he adds that she's not as attractive as Kristina.

Chapter 157: Mom Wanted to Hear All About Brendan

  • Mom deluges Kristina with questions on the way home, including whether Brendan is her boyfriend, if he asked her out, and then finally gets around to asking whether she got some clothes.
  • Kristina shows her mom the clothes, and Mom remarks about how consistent she is. Kristina has to laugh at this as they drive home, the drug still in her system.

Chapter 158: Inconsistent Me

  • Back at the ranch, it's dinnertime, and Kristina has no interest in eating. The drug is wreaking havoc in her system again, so she lies to her mom and tells her she ate at the mall.
  • Her mom tells her that eating junk food won't make her smart and that vegetables give girls a rosy glow. So now she's calling Kristina stupid and not glowing.
  • She adds that Kristina got a letter in the mail. Hmmm.

Chapter 159: Dear Kristina,

  • We now get the text of Kristina's letter. Surprise, surprise—it's from Adam. And boy does he have news…
  • First of all, his mom is dating her boss and he's decided to control Adam's life and make him do respectable things, like consider what he wants to do with his life.
  • Second, Lince is home and is doing better, if you can call being reduced to the physical and mental abilities of an infant "better." She's in physical therapy and has to learn how to walk and talk again. Adam has tried to spend time with her, but it's hard to see her like that.
  • Adam apologizes for the phone call and chalks it all up to drugs. He tells her he really does love her and that she's the best thing that's ever happened to him. He tells her to be safe, be smart, and stay her—whatever her version of "her" is.

Chapter 160: Why Was Everyone

  • Kristina wonders why everyone is suddenly concerned about how smart she is. 
  • She rereads the letter multiple times and cries, wondering why him saying he loves her makes her feel so depressed and considering whether the drug is affecting her attitude toward the situation.

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