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Crank Chapters 181-190

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Chapters 181-190

Chapter 181: I Did

  • Kristina sits at dinner like a zombie and tries to eat. Mom doesn't say anything to Scott or Jake about why her face is red.
  • On top of that, she makes a surprising move by un-grounding Kristina and not leveling a further punishment. Seeing this as a reprieve, Kristina decides to stop screwing around and try to find herself again.

Chapter 182: I Mostly Managed That

  • For the next week, Kristina makes good on her promise to leave Bree behind. She starts getting her academic groove back, hangs out with Sarah and Trent, and even makes honor choir. 
  • She also goes on a Labor Day camping trip with her family and gets into the rhythms of their weekly activities. Ultimately, she's able to do this without thinking much about Chase, Adam, Brendan, or the monster.
  • At least until the day Adam writes, Brendan calls, and Chase shows up to give her a ride home. All in the same afternoon. It's a perfect storm.

Chapter 183: Backpack Bulging

  • Kristina gets in Chase's truck. He hasn't been in school and tells her his family moved and he had to transfer. This doesn't explain why he hasn't called Kristina, though…
  • With some prodding, Chase reveals that he knows about Kristina and Brendan—the whole "biggest little city" thing and all. 
  • Kristina tells Chase she really likes him and that she went out with Brendan because she was flattered; she never had a boyfriend before last summer and found the attention hard to resist. 
  • Chase asks her to tell him about last summer, and for the first time, she reveals the whole story to someone.

Chapter 184: So Why

  • If Kristina trusts Chase and feels like she's falling in love with him, then why was she was so quick to call Brendan back? He says he wants to see her again and will bring the "refreshments" this time. 
  • All it takes is that word to make Kristina teeter on the edge of the normalcy she's spent over a week building.

Chapter 185: As I Considered My Answer

  • While she thinks about whether to take Brendan up on his offer, Kristina notices Adam's letter. She opens it and begins reading it.
  • Adam says he hopes he can make it through the school year. He's concerned about his mom's relationship with her boss, as well as Lince's recovery—she's getting along better and can go to the bathroom on her own now.
  • He also mentions that he ran into Kristina's dad, who didn't mention her at all. He has a new girlfriend and probably doesn't want her to know he's old enough to have a teenager daughter.
  • To make this already depressing letter even worse, Adam adds that there's a girl at school named Giselle who seems to like him. He also tells Kristina that he hopes she's going out with someone special, too. 
  • Adam admits that maybe Kristina doesn't want to know this, but he says he considers her his best friend and can tell her anything. Oh man—looks like our girl was just friend zoned.

Chapter 186: Giselle?

  • The letter leaves Kristina super confused. She doesn't know what's up with her dad and why he hasn't called, or whether she should call Brendan and lose the "v thing" or call Chase and ask him to get drugs for her.
  • Furthermore, she knows what's at stake if she goes further into this thing: She could lose her relationship with her mom and throw away her academic career. 
  • Is she really ready to get high for good?

Chapter 187: You Bet I Did

  • Desperate to get high, Kristina calls Chase to see if he can hook her up with drugs. He's "busy," which probably means he doesn't want to play a role in getting her addicted. Kind of late for that one, buddy…
  • With strike one in the books, Kristina calls Brendan and asks if he can get her an eight-ball, a.k.a. an eighth of an ounce of meth. It costs her two hundred and fifty bucks, and while she doesn't explicitly say it, it'll probably cost her something else, too.

Chapter 188: I Could Hardly Wait for Friday

  • Kristina has this idea that when the subject of her virginity comes up, she can just say no to Brendan. She should be right—her body, her rules and all that good stuff.
  • On Friday, Brendan arrives at Kristina's door looking as clean-cut as possible. They tell her parents they're going to dinner and a movie. 
  • They drive out of town and go back in a grove of pine trees and put a blanket on the ground. For a while, they snort and act silly and everything's okay… until it isn't anymore.

Chapter 189: It Started with a Kiss

  • What starts out just as kissing eventually turns ugly. Brendan rips Kristina's shirt open and begins biting her. She tells him to stop, but he won't—he tells her she promised and to "put up and shut up."
  • Brendan rapes Kristina as she lies there and endures the pain. When he's finished, he asks Bree what her problem is.
  • She tells him that her name is Kristina.

Chapter 190: But It Was Bree

  • Ultimately, Kristina has to summon Bree to get her back on her feet and in the car. It's also through Bree that she's able to clean herself up and try to pretend like nothing happened.

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