Study Guide

Crank Chapters 201-210

By Ellen Hopkins

Chapters 201-210

Chapter 201: Stunned

  • Chase tells Kristina that he loves her. She says it back, and he warns her not to say it unless she means it. She wonders if she really does… Brendan is out of the picture, but what about Adam?
  • He continues to tell her that she's beautiful and that he would never hurt her. Kristina asks him to prove it to her by making love to her, but he refuses.

Chapter 202: Relief, Disappointment

  • Kristina begs Chase to have sex with her, saying that she needs to know what it's like when both people actually want it. He tells her that she needs to heal, though, so that when they finally do, Brendan is only a memory.
  • They go outside and smoke a cigarette before her parents get home. Chase says that waiting only makes him love her more.

Chapter 203: Powerful Words

  • Kristina feels safe with Chase and doesn't want him to leave. When he does, she feels slammed back down into reality and the pain of her situation.

Chapter 204: I Tried to Beat Mom Inside

  • Mom gets home almost immediately and follows Kristina into the house. She saw Chase drive away and demands to know who he is.
  • Kristina tells her he's her boyfriend, but Mom insists that he isn't her type, to which Kristina retorts that her mom just wants her to date someone more like Brendan.
  • When Mom asks what happened to him, she says that he wasn't what he seemed to be and that he was "all over her." She doesn't reveal exactly how true this statement is.
  • Rather than ask if everything's okay, though, her mom coldly asks why Kristina didn't tell her about this. Kristina says she thought her mom wouldn't care—and she was apparently correct.

Chapter 205: Leveled

  • Kristina's enjoying the exhilarating feeling of actually having left her mom speechless, so she goes further and tells her that she's always taught Kristina not to judge others by appearances.
  • Furthermore, her mom should take a lesson from their family photos. On the surface, they look normal, but there are serious issues lurking beneath the surface.
  • Kristina wonders if that comment was mean, but when it comes down to it, she really doesn't care.

Chapter 206: Light-Headed

  • Ultimately, Kristina's feeling way too victorious to have any remorse. She skips down the hall singing a Queen song and thinking about how Freddie Mercury's carefree lifestyle of sex ultimately brought him down.
  • Still, this doesn't teach her any lessons about her own careless choices. She really just thinks that looking back on past mistakes is a waste of time.

Chapter 207: Northern Nevada Autumns

  • High on Claritin-enhanced crank, Kristina spends that Sunday afternoon pulling weeds; as she works, she thinks about her situation and makes some decisions. 
  • First, she'll deliberately end whatever's left of her relationship with Adam by putting her sarcastic letter in the mail. She also decides to never tell anyone else about what Brendan did and put it behind her so she can have sex with Chase.
  • She goes upstairs for a hit of the drug and realizes it's two snorts away from being gone, so it's time to take money out of the bank.
  • She decides to send Jake to the store and call Chase while he's gone.

Chapter 208: No Answer

  • Nobody answers on Chase's end, so Kristina hangs up the phone and tries to come up with other options for getting crank. 
  • She ends up riding her bike to Trent's house to see if his sister is home.

Chapter 209: Timing is Everything

  • When Robyn answers the door, she initially thinks Kristina is there to see Trent. She's also pretty antsy about letting Kristina in the house, mostly because it smells like crank. Kristina reassures her that she's on her side, though, and won't rat her out.
  • She takes the near-empty bindle out of her pocket and shows Robyn, who says she suspected that Kristina had lost weight and might be involved with the monster.
  • Kristina offers to share the last of her drug and Robyn suggests smoking it instead of snorting it.

Chapter 210: We Went into Her Room

  • In her room, Robyn explains the benefits of smoking crank, mainly that it gives you an incredible rush that won't cause you to be edgy and awake for days. She shows Kristina how to smoke it.
  • Kristina thinks it tastes gross, but Robyn's right: The high is ultimately incredible.
    Smoking crank creates an instant friendship between the two. Robyn seems eager to help Kristina get more drugs, provided that she has the money. They decide to meet up the next day to talk details.

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