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Crank Chapters 211-220

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Chapters 211-220

Chapter 211: She Forgot to Mention

  • Robyn might be a crank-smoking expert, but she forgot a couple of key details during their tutorial—like that exercising after smoking makes your lungs hurt and that when you come down from the high, you get a killer headache.
  • Coming down also makes you extremely irritable. Kristina snaps at her brother for teasing her, then drops another F-bomb on her parents and tells them to leave her alone.

Chapter 212: This Time

  • While the heart-to-heart talk department has typically been Mom's domain, Scott decides to take a shift and come talk to Kristina about what's going on. 
  • Scott confronts her about the fact that she's been a completely different person and asks her if something happened at her dad's. Then he goes a step further and directly asks her if she's doing drugs. Kristina lies and says no.
  • This leads into a talk about fleeing from teen drug experimentation and thinking about everything she stands to throw away. She lies again and promises Scott she'll think twice before doing drugs.

Chapter 213: He Talked At Me Awhile Longer

  • Scott lectures her for a while about drugs and making good decisions and Kristina apologizes for her temper. She's stunned that she manages to avoid getting grounded again. 
  • The minute he's gone, Kristina sneaks to the kitchen to eavesdrop on her parents' conversation. Apparently, she put on a good show—they believe she's telling the truth.

Chapter 214: The Next Few Days

  • Robyn comes through with an actual eight ball instead of a partially empty one like Brendan cheated her with. She starts each day by getting high with Robyn in her car.
  • Kristina also gets involved with the Avenue, the designated smoking area at her school where people deal and do drugs.
  • She insists that everyone there call her Bree.

Chapter 215: I Gave Up the Bus

  • With Robyn providing transportation, Kristina declares riding the bus unnecessary. On the afternoons when Robyn has cheerleading practice, Chase picks her up and they go to the park to make out.
  • One day, Kristina offers to share her stash with him. He takes a couple snorts, but refuses to smoke. When Kristina asks why he refused, he tells her he has "set boundaries."

Chapter 216: I Meant

  • That weekend, Kristina makes plans to analyze Chase's alleged limits and try to figure out how she might break him and make him cave in.
  • Not cool, girl. Not cool.

Chapter 217: Okay, the Air Races Intervened

  • The annual Nevada air races come up on the family calendar—it's been a tradition for the last ten years or so for all of them to turn out to see the event.
  • Like the Wild Waters party, the Air Races are a highly anticipated event for her family, so Kristina can't very well skip out. And she doesn't want to, either. This year, she's thinking about how much fun it would be to go high. She even asks her mom if she can bring Robyn. 
  • Her mom is so excited that Kristina will attend the event that she not only says yes, she lets Kristina ride in Robyn's car.

Chapter 218: Robyn Was Game

  • Robyn and Kristina arrive at the air races high and wired, wearing sunglasses to obscure their glassy eyes. They walk through the race area, conscious of the fact that they're turning the heads of every guy there.
  • Robyn jokes that maybe the guys think they're lesbians, then tells Kristina that they should really turn their heads by kissing in front of them. Wound up on drugs, Kristina allows Bree to take over and kisses Robyn.

Chapter 219: Wolf Whistles

  • The guys whistle and cheer at them. Kristina pulls away completely embarrassed, but still cracking up; it seems like the funniest thing she's ever done.
  • Kristina tells us not to get her wrong—she totally likes guys—but she has to admit that she liked seeing the shocked expressions on people's faces.

Chapter 220: We Found Our Box

  • In the stands, Kristina watches her parents behave like teenagers. Her mom is flirting with a guy sitting near them and shows off her cleavage, while Scott pretends he doesn't see what's going on.
  • To make matters worse, Scott's boss and his wife show up and Scott starts flirting with her. Fortunately, Jake is oblivious to all of this and is too into the air show to even care.
  • Kristina says the show is spectacular, but what's even better is seeing adults act like children.

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