Study Guide

Crank Chapters 241-250

By Ellen Hopkins

Chapters 241-250

Chapter 241: I Don't Know

  • As if things aren't already out of control, someone gets out a blade and people start cutting themselves. Then they go all Twilight and start sucking each other's blood. What?
  • In the midst of all of this, Chase finds her in the throngs of people and tells her he loves her.

Chapter 242: I Was Cinderella

  • Kristina and Chase are on the verge of having sex again when his watch beeps and they realize it's two in the morning. They leave the party and make a mad dash for Kristina's house.
  • Kristina remains hopeful that her parents went to bed already, but they haven't: Every light is on and she sees her mom looking out the window. Busted.

Chapter 243: If You Guessed

  • As you probably expected, Kristina gets grounded. Again.
  • Chase tried to sweet talk his way out of the situation with her mom, telling her that they'd lost track of time while deep in conversation, but his excuse doesn't fly. Her mom lectures him about responsibility and throws him out of the house.
  • Then they turn on Kristina and lash out at her about how cops are on the lookout for kids like her. Whatever that means.

Chapter 244: Exiled

  • One of the more bizarre aftereffects of ecstasy is that it doesn't allow you to be angry, even if your parents have grounded you and given you and your boyfriend a massive lecture. 
  • Actually, it kind of opens up Kristina's mind and lets her see her mom's point of view. They did stay out almost to the crack of dawn, and they did engage in just about every destructive activity teenagers can do. So really, her mom's anger is justified.
  • The more Kristina thinks about this, the more she realizes that she can deal with the fact that she isn't really a very good person. What's more difficult to accept, though, is that Bree doesn't care about what kind of person she is.

Chapter 245: I Spent the Next Day

  • Kristina spends the next day helping her mom can tomatoes. She still has enough ecstasy in her system that she's not a total brat about it either—both she and Mom are in a pretty good mood.
  • Mom asks again about the previous night and whether Kristina has ever touched drugs. Kristina lies again and says she hasn't touched anything except a couple of hits of marijuana. 
  • Part of her, though, is screaming to ask her mom for help and to get off the roller coaster she's been on since the summer. Bree reminds her, though, that if she tells the truth, she'll be permanently exiled from her friends and Chase.
  • At the end of the afternoon, she's still grounded, but her mom is at least a lot less mad.

Chapter 246: Burned Out

  • Having reached the point of exhaustion, Kristina pops three aspirin and tries to take a nap. As the drugs leave her system, she questions whether backpedaling to where she was before her addiction is even an option. 
  • The euphoria of the previous night is now gone, leaving cold, stark emptiness. Kristina knows she is totally out of control.

Chapter 247: Jerked Awake

  • Kristina wakes up later that night to sound of Scott and her mom fighting—Scott says that Mom is totally blind because Kristina's behavior lately points directly to drug use. 
  • While her mom is quick to defend her, probably out of denial, Scott lays down the law: No dates, no staying after to school, and searching her room, at least until she gets her report card. If things look good in the academic department, they'll let her off the hook.

Chapter 248: Report Cards?

  • That detail about report cards is bad news for Kristina—her parents don't know it, but her grades are in the toilet. Furthermore, if they're going to search her room, she has a ton of stuff to hide. 
  • That's not even the worst of it, though: Kristina has no idea how she'll be able to live without seeing Chase. She refuses to allow her parents to keep her from him.
  • And she means it, too. She decides to hitchhike into Reno to his house and climbs out the window.

Chapter 249: Anyone Could Have Come Along

  • Wouldn't you know it? With all the shady characters that might pick Kristina up, she gets a cop. She waits for him to get out and hopes he won't be able to tell that she's buzzed.

Chapter 250: He Got Out of His Car

  • Face to face with the cop, Kristina attempts to talk her way out of a bad situation, but it doesn't work. She tries to lie and say her parents are out of town, but if that's the case then the cop has to take her to juvie.
  • When he asks for her name, she says she's Bree Wagner.

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