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Crank Chapters 261-270

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Chapters 261-270

Chapter 261: … And the Ugly

  • As if her boyfriend leaving for college several hundred miles away isn't bad enough, Kristina arrives at the bank to learn that her mom has locked her out of her own bank account—and she has to have cash for Roberto the Mexican Mafia dude the next day.
  • Her lack of said cash combined with her desperate need to get high makes her incredible antsy. She asks Chase if he can lend her the money, but when he finds out the reason, he refuses and drives her home.
  • Kristina slams the door of Chase's truck and checks the mail to see if her report card came. It did not—but something else did: two letters from Mom's bank. One has a new credit card, while the other has a PIN number. Uh-oh…

Chapter 262: I Did Think Twice

  • Just in case you think Kristina has totally lost it, she does stop for a minute and consider whether stealing from her mom is a good idea. Nonetheless, it seems like too perfect a solution to her problem to just let it go.
  • The next day, Robyn drives Kristina to meet Roberto. The deal goes down great except for the fact that he won't deal anything less than half-ounce quantities, and that's a lot of crank. 
  • Still, because it's relatively cheap, Kristina decides to sell some of it on the side to pay for her drug habit. While becoming a drug dealer is a huge step in her relationship with the monster, she doesn't seem too concerned with the seriousness of what she's done.

Chapter 263: I Became an Instant Celebrity

  • Kristina becomes the hero of the Avenue when she begins selling crank to the kids at school.
  • The not-so-great part is that Kristina goes back and forth between being wired and exhausted, and she begins to need more and more of the drug to feel the way she wants to.
  • For a while, everything's going great—at least until one morning in November when she pukes the moment she wakes up. Oh no. We know what that sounds like.

Chapter 264: Clear Blue Easy

  • A blue line on a pregnancy test confirms Kristina's worst fear. Immediately, she is overwhelmed with the question of what to do. Have the baby? Give it up for adoption? Have an abortion? More importantly, she feels like she has nobody to turn to, and on top of everything, drugs are part of the situation.

Chapter 265: I Went Through

  • The next few days are a daze for Kristina as she struggles to go to school, sell drugs, and deal with her family while simultaneously trying to figure out how to solve her situation. 
  • Mom wants to know what's wrong, but Kristina can't respond. Even her cravings for the monster have stopped. 
  • On Friday night, she goes to bed and cries herself to sleep, overwhelmed by the decision she has to make.

Chapter 266: Saturday

  • That weekend, Kristina is consumed with both the symptoms of pregnancy and drug withdrawal. Sick, sweaty, depressed, and confused, she tries to think through her situation while still trying to fight against two pretty serious conditions.
  • On Monday, she finally makes the decision to call Planned Parenthood. And Chase. Because there's a good chance he's part of the picture, too.

Chapter 267: My Appointment Was at Two

  • Chase picks up Kristina at noon so they can spend some time together before going to her appointment at Planned Parenthood.
  • As Kristina cries, Chase tells her he loves her, is there for her, and will take care of her and the baby.
  • Wait a minute… It's super easy to say that when you're heading to California for college. 
  • Oh, but then Chase asks her to marry him.

Chapter 268: Planned Parenthood

  • Planned Parenthood is located in a scary cinder-block building that reminds Kristina of a jail. 
  • In the orange waiting room, she excuses herself to go throw up, then comes back and waits with Chase, watching the women in the waiting room come and go.
  • A woman calls the fake name Kristina's given the check-in desk: "Bree Wagner." Chase whispers in her ear that he likes how Kristina Wagner sounds better.

Chapter 269: I Already Knew My Options

  • A sickeningly sweet lady with the apt name of Ms. Sweetwater explains the options that Kristina already knows she has. She tells her that if she chooses abortion, it will cost five hundred dollars and her parents don't have to know.
  • She also gives her the name of an adoption agency and encourages her to have the baby, then hand it over to parents who can't have one of their own. 
  • Then she asks Kristina the date of her last period. She does the math and comes to a terrible realization: Chase isn't the baby's father—Brendan is.

Chapter 270: The Realization

  • Kristina describes the cold, electric shock of emotions at realizing that Brendan is the father. She then passes out.

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