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Crank Chapters 271-280

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Chapters 271-280

Chapter 271: Passing Out

  • Recalling the feeling of being unconscious after coming to her realization, Kristina describes how being passed out felt. 
  • She describes hearing voices and heading toward different patterns and intensities of light.

Chapter 272: Voices

  • In her unconscious state, Kristina can hear a doctor, a nurse, Chase, and Ms. Sweetwater trying to revive her.

Chapter 273: Oh Yeah, I Was Fine

  • Kristina sarcastically relates her difficulties—addicted, terrified, pregnant by her rapist—as evidence that contrary to what the doctor says, she actually is far from fine.

Chapter 274: Chase Steadied Me

  • Chase helps Kristina back to his truck, where she breaks the news about Brendan being the baby's father and falls apart all over again.
  • Chase tells her that it's okay and they can make the situation right, even though his face clearly says otherwise.

Chapter 275: He Drove Me Home—Slowly

  • On the way home, Chase makes some lame jokes about how cute the baby should be and makes some very unhelpful comments about how life is full of tough decisions. Then he has the guts to tell her to talk to her mom.

Chapter 276: My Mom?!?!

  • Kristina doesn't think Chase realizes the seriousness of what he's suggesting. She and her mom haven't really talked in months and he's asking her to break the ice by saying she's pregnant by her rapist she bought drugs from. Not exactly the easiest thing to explain.
    She thinks through how she might do it and realizes she has no idea what to say—and doesn't think she can do it without getting wired on crank. 
  • She wonders if she really feels remorse for all of this and whether her mom will forgive her.

Chapter 277: The Kitchen Was Warm

  • Back at home, Kristina's mom is baking and the inviting smell of the kitchen makes her remember the security and safety of being little and the relationship she had with Leigh and her mom.
  • She thinks of how much she loved her mother back then and how perfect she thought she was, and wonders if her own child could ever love her that much.

Chapter 278: Somehow She Didn't Notice

  • Kristina tentatively tests the waters by saying hi to her mom, but Mom doesn't seem to notice that there's clearly something wrong. Instead she asks how her day was. Kristina almost laughs and cries at once.
  • Mom then starts talking about what they should get Leigh for Christmas. Kristina thinks about how life will continue for her family regardless of what she chooses.
  • She finally offers the suggestion of a Palm Pilot (how dated is this book?) and Mom thinks it's a great idea. 
  • As the buzzer goes off for the cookies, Kristina comes to the edge of telling her everything.

Chapter 279: I Opened My Mouth

  • Just as Kristina's about to tell her the whole story, Scott comes in the house ranting about politics and Mom turns on the radio to hear the weather report.
  • Hearing this, Scott starts complaining about the snow as well. Not exactly the right time to drop several major bombshells.

Chapter 280: Omens! Great!

  • For the moment, Kristina gives up on having The Talk with her mom and instead decides to make some phone calls. There are a few loose ends she needs to tie up.
  • First she calls her dad. He isn't home and she gets an obnoxious voicemail saying that he's in Mexico with his girlfriend, Linda Sue, and that they're busy engaging in a particular intimate sex act. 
  • Next she calls Adam. She can hear Lince yelling at him in the background. Adam breaks the news to Kristina that he and Lince are back together and are going to have a baby. Kristina offers a half-hearted congratulations and hangs up.

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