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Crank Chapters 31-40

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Chapters 31-40

Chapter 31: The Return of Guinivere

  • Adam's girlfriend shows up and demands to know whom Kristina is. She's obviously really upset about her presence and tells Kristina that her name is Lince, which actually means "lynx." 
  • Kristina decides to flee the scene and leave them alone, but Adam quietly tells her he'll see her later.

Chapter 32: That'll Teach Me

  • Kristina figures the near-cat fight she's just experienced should teach her not to stare at guys. She runs back to her dad's apartment for a glass of water, only to discover a massive cockroach in the kitchen.

Chapter 33: Toss-and-Turn Night

  • The cockroach is enough to leave Kristina totally unsettled and unable to sleep. That and the fact that her room is not quite hot and not quite cold and her bed has mildew. Sheesh. Is there any inch of this guy's apartment that isn't a different flavor of disgusting?

Chapter 34: Through the Keyhole

  • Kristina finally goes to sleep and dreams she's in a meadow where a bunch of wildcats are mating. She watches them, afraid and fascinated at the same time. 
  • One of the female wildcats looks straight at her. Kristina is horrified to realize that the cat has her face.

Chapter 35: So Much for Sleep

  • After waking up in terror from her dream, Kristina automatically searches the apartment and the landing outside for any trace of wildcats (or maybe she's looking for Lince).

Chapter 36: I Hid Out for Three Days

  • The encounter with Lince combined with her nightmare is enough to keep Kristina on lockdown in her dad's apartment. She mostly spends the next few days sleeping and talking to her dad about his aspirations.
  • He doesn't have many. He wants to marry "a good woman," but doesn't want to go on dates to movies or have dinner with women unless they are cooking, which kind of makes him a cheap, chauvinist pig on top of everything else.
  • It's his final remark that kind of startles her, though: He says no one can measure up to her mother.

Chapter 37: I Even Spent Time at the Bowling Alley

  • Kristina's so desperate for places to hide from Adam that she actually goes to work with her dad and hangs at the bowling alley. 
  • She quickly realizes that the extremely shady clientele is there to do more than knock down pins—In particular, they spend a lot of time disappearing into a back room and coming out stoned. Kristina's never experienced drugs, but she's not totally ignorant of them. She also realizes something really disturbing: Her dad is involved with the back room activities and really likes to party.

Chapter 38: He Hadn't Changed At All

  • Kristina's realization that her dad is still doing drugs doesn't do much to dislodge her notion that he's still not such a bad guy. She even questions him about it.
  • Her dad explains that he's smoked marijuana since he was thirteen. He's also had experience with cocaine, at least until the big drug crackdown of the 1980s. Now, he and his friends mainly spend time with meth, a.k.a. "The monster." Uh-oh… Where have we heard that before?

Chapter 39: You Fly Until You Crash

  • Her dad tells Kristina that being on The monster is like flying for two days with no sleep and no food before you come down and crash.

Chapter 40: Dad Crashed

  • True to his description, Kristina's dad crashes. Kristina wonders if drug use affects his work schedule. Does he go anyway when recovering from a high? Or does he just not have a schedule at all? 
  • With no trips to the bowling alley and no awkward conversation, Kristina is left to her own devices. She goes to the convenience store one day to get a magazine and a Pepsi—and runs into Adam.

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