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Crank Chapters 41-50

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Chapters 41-50

Chapter 41: He Knew It, Too

  • Adam suspects that Kristina's been avoiding him, and she tries to talk her way around the truth by saying she's been busy spending time with her dad. Adam, however, knows the score and doesn't buy it.
  • Kristina doesn't have enough change for her Pepsi so Adam covers it, then asks if he can walk her home and maybe spend some time with her. He promises to be good. Somehow, we doubt that.

Chapter 42: His Mom Was at Work

  • Adam and Kristina go back to Adam's place, where he smokes a cigarette and offers her some of his bad habit. 
  • Kristina takes a puff on the cigarette and almost throws up, all in the name of getting a guy to like her. Funny… Wasn't she just saying a few days ago that this guy was bad news?
  • Things take a somewhat awkward turn when Adam pulls her into his lap. Kristina starts feeling sick for a whole different reason than the cigarette.

Chapter 43: He Wanted to Kiss Me

  • Obviously, Adam wants to smooch, but Kristina's plummeted back into her previous dilemma of wanting/not wanting him. She fights with herself inside her mind and finally lets him kiss her.

Chapter 44: First Kiss

  • Kristina's been told she'll always remember her first kiss, and she knows immediately that whoever said this was right. What she appreciates most of all is that Adam doesn't seem to want to take advantage of her or control her; he seems to respect her.
  • Still, we're not completely convinced. Something about this guy is just a little too smooth for this to be real.

Chapter 45: The Week Flew By

  • Kristina spends the whole week with her new, um, friend. They engage in a lot of activities that she probably wouldn't have done before becoming Bree, like making out in public, going skinny-dipping, and sneaking out of her dad's apartment. Wow. That escalated quickly.

Chapter 46: Somehow the Place Looked Different

  • On Sunday, Kristina and Adam make plans to meet up at the shady bowling alley. When she arrives, Kristina realizes that she's changed a ton in the past week, enough that she doesn't seem interested in the sketchy behavior of the clientele. She's become part of their world.

Chapter 47: Choices, Choices

  • Kristina compares the decisions she's made throughout her life to the ones Bree has made for her in the last several days. She realizes that she's been too cautious and that Bree has taught her to take chances and be more adventurous.

Chapter 48: You Have to Remember

  • It's been an intense week for Kristina, with lots of serious emotions as she discovers what a real relationship is like. 
  • She thinks about how she came on the trip to reconnect with her dad, but it's been different from that—she's begun accepting her dad's world and now, rather than wanting to go home, she wants to stay.
  • Love isn't the only thing Kristina's experienced in the last week. She also got high with Dad, but smoking marijuana was a big disappointment. She decides she wants to go big or go home. Kristina wants to meet "the monster."

Chapter 49: We Met at the Bowling Alley

  • At the bowling alley, Kristina introduces Adam to her dad, who already knows him from the apartment complex and around the neighborhood. 
  • Adam asks Kristina if she's ready to really party—and if she's sure she really wants to. With only ten days left in her trip, Kristina's totally sure. Having been introduced to the wild side with the advent of Bree, she wants to experience all she can.
  • They go into the dubious back room, and behind a bunch of crates, Adam introduces Kristina to meth.

Chapter 50: Just Before the Drop

  • Kristina likens her first taste of the monster to going over the edge of a really big drop on a roller coaster—the same emotional high and anticipation. 
  • We can't help but notice a key difference, though: Roller coasters are carefully engineered and include safety harnesses but there's nothing particularly safe about the decision Kristina just made.

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