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Crank Chapters 51-60

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Chapters 51-60

Chapter 51: No Time Like That First Time

  • As the drug hits her brain, Kristina gives a graphic description of what it feels like to try it for the first time. She details the physical effects it has on her sinuses and nose, while also saying that she has the urge to dance and act a little crazy.

Chapter 52: But That's Not Exactly Cool

  • If Kristina behaves the way she feels like she wants to, though, Adam might think she's a freak, so she decides to play it cool and sit still and look pretty.
  • Adam seems to be trying to gauge her reaction. Kristina closes her eyes, and he kisses her then asks if she wants another line.

Chapter 53: If a Little's Good

  • Kristina decides she wants more and gets transported to a place she describes as heavenly, with Adam leading her there. They engage in intense physical intimacy, but stop at the brink of actual sex.

Chapter 54: Although Maybe

  • While high, Kristina thinks about the definition of the phrase "all the way," wondering if it can be applied to situations other than sex—you know, like drugs.

Chapter 55: Because It Wasn't That

  • Adam is so gentle as they explore each other's bodies that Kristina doesn't feel coerced or intimidated at all.
  • Well, until there's a bunch of noise and voices outside the door…

Chapter 56: I Didn't Want to Stop Either

  • Things get super awkward when she realizes one of the voices is her dad's. She and Adam scramble to hide and her dad calls her name—her real name. Adam asks who Kristina is.

Chapter 57: For Some Crazy Reason

  • While it would probably be more appropriate for Kristina to panic about being discovered (not to mention being busted over the whole Bree thing), she instead starts laughing hysterically. She just doesn't care.

Chapter 58: Not Until the Door Opened

  • Things get a lot less funny when her dad opens the door and Kristina sees that Lince is there with him. Oops. 
  • Lince is pretty ticked off and starts demanding that Adam tell her what's going on. It should be pretty obvious, but he actually has the nerve to say, "Nothing."
  • Kristina feels kind of badly for Lince because she can tell Lince really wants to believe him. She even says okay and asks him to fix her a line.

Chapter 59: Like an Idiot

  • Kristina decides she wants a third line, and with that, things get kind of out of control. It hits her that she's doing drugs with her dad, her boyfriend, and his girlfriend. Um, yeah… That's pretty messed up.

Chapter 60: The Monster Loves to Talk

  • As if the situation isn't awkward enough, everyone starts saying all kinds of stuff that's totally socially unacceptable, because apparently the drug totally puts you on no-filter mode.

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